Thursday, November 26, 2015


When the girls upgraded their phones a few months ago, I thought about upgrading too since my contract has been up for awhile and my battery really isn't keeping a charge. However, the price they paid then wasn't really in the budget for me and Conrad to upgrade our phones. This week's Black Friday advertisements in my email inbox proclaimed a smokin' deal for the iPhone 6. I sent Conrad to check it out and this great deal was price matched minus the "trade-in" allowance which they did not include....until the system went and resulted in an extra long wait and the salesman offered Conrad an additional credit of $30 per phone on our next bill. In the end, our phones ended up being $39 each instead of the $169 (that was a pretty good deal at that time) a few months ago. Not quite as smokin' as the $29 deal advertised but still pretty sweet...

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